OSH Community Curators consider how to curate queer histories

Following on from a series of training workshops, the OSH Community Curators have begun the process of considering what and how they hope to present as part of the public series of events that will take place this Autumn.

Photograph by Hayley White

Last week volunteers in Folkestone visited Manual Vason’s exhibition, ‘The Photographic Garden’, and discussed the ways that curating can impact on the ways that audiences interpret art, and the ethics of this. In response to Vason’s work they also considered ways that various exhibition spaces might be used to be as impactful and accessible as possible.

Community Curators also viewed some selected footage from the Screen Archive South East Collection, considering what it might look like to work with footage which is not explicitly ‘queer’ but to view it from a queer lens. Discussion also considered the ethics of viewing work this way and what it means to ‘queer’ footage.

This forms the first of ten curation sessions, over the course of which the OSH Community Curators will draw together material currently in the SASE collection, along with newly found material to create a series of public events, including installations and displays.

Our Community Curators are particularly keen to hear from those in Folkestone and the surrounding areas who might have footage about LGBTQIA+ life that they might consider depositing/donating as part of the project. If you think you may have something that our Curators could use to tell the story of LGBTQIA+ life in the region please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via screenarchive@brighton.ac.uk.

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