Margate Films


Our Screen Heritage is looking for films that capture different aspects of LGBTQIA+ life in Kent and the South East. They may feature people, places, everyday scenes and special events such as Pride celebrations and LGBTQIA+ weddings.

Do you have films that we can preserve and use within our project?

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Margate Pride

Craig Heathcoate

This video, shot on VHS, captures Margate Pride 2022, including scenes of the march, bandstand and performers.

Margate Pride: Brink 2022

Holly Wilshere

‘This piece was made during the 2022 brink residency with Margate pride. It was inspired by my search for documented queer history in Margate, Thanet and Kent or lack there of. In addition to snippets of other subjects that came up during the residency.’ – Holly Wilshere

35mm Margate


Back in the summer some of the team from Screen Archive South East visited Margate Pride. As part of the stall there the team had a series of disposable 35mm cameras. The cameras were handed out to attendees at Pride, and asked to record their day. They were also provided with a prepaid envelope and asked to drop the camera in their local postbox, after which it would hopefully make its way back to Brighton!

How Was It?

Hayley White

In this film Documentarist Hayley White meets with volunteers from the Our Screen Heritage project to ask them about their experiences of the project, what they learnt and how they felt about the project as a whole.

All Go Margate

Ronald Haddock, 1970

Commissioned by Margate Corporation’s Publicity Department, this professionally produced publicity film has a commentary by Michael Aspel which advertises Margate as a ‘favourite family resort’; encouraging holiday-makers to visit the town for its beaches, entertainment and sports facilities.

The Weirdness of Queerness


Created by volunteer curators on the Our Screen Heritage project with Margate Pride. Primarily Keziah Stilwell and Greta Sharp. Soundtrack and further production by Lo Lo Noble, Edited by Shaun Prickimage. Soundtrack features audio from interviews conducted with the queer community in Margate between June - September 2022. The film was developed while collecting film footage of Margate queer life since Margate Pride's inception in 2015. Much of the footage was ephemeral capturing events, performances, and family moments. It was decided to collectively create a short film to combine these clips and make one short film. In true Margate Pride fashion, we got creative and further developed the film to bring the clips together presenting and embracing 'The Weirdness of Queerness'. This is a brief snapshot of the myriad of queer lives and events that have happened in Margate in recent years.