Folkestone Volunteering

To join Our Screen Heritage in Folkestone as a Volunteer, please contact Folkestone Pride:

Volunteers are at the heart of Our Screen Heritage.

We are looking for Volunteers who would like to join our team of Volunteers in Folkestone and take part in a series of workshops and talks, learn about local LGBTQIA+ heritage, and then become part of a radical team of Community Curators team who will create film displays and shows in Folkestone this summer and autumn.

Our programme begins in February and March with our History Club. It introduces the project and LGBTQIA+ heritage. It is followed by four training events. Here you’ll meet curators and heritage professionals and hear about the work of archives and the curation of heritage shows.

The final element is dedicated to those volunteers who would like to become Community Curators. Their role is to work together with Folkestone Pride and a film-maker from June to August to create film heritage packages and design a set of public events in Folkestone.

Our expectation is our Volunteers from LGBTQIA+ communities in Kent will be involved in:

  • selecting new material for acquisition by SASE
  • contributing to the cataloguing process undertaken for each new ‘film’ (e.g. gathering information on the makers, participants, events, issues, context)
  • co-curating of a set of ‘heritage film packages’ for exhibition at the project’s final events
  • co-designing and co-delivering the project’s final events 
  • curating a new section of the SASE website dedicated to this LGBTQIA+ collection

Volunteers, by working in this way, will bring their knowledge, memory and life experience to Our Screen Heritage.

The project will support Volunteers by covering travel and expenses.

If you’d like to become one of our Volunteers in Folkestone, please contact Folkestone Pride. Email: