Submit A Film

The project has ended. Are you still looking for films?

Yes! We’re still keen to receive any films that you might have. Our Screen Heritage was a starting point to begin to bring films, and communities, into our collection. We hope that our collection of LGBTQIA+ footage will continue to grow!

What are we looking for?

What exactly is it we’re looking to archive? Well, anything!

The aim of the Our Screen Heritage project was to begin to create a film record of what it means to be queer in the South East. This means we were looking for, and continue to accept, modern footage (filmed on a phone is fine!) as well as older, analogue film footage.

For example, we have received films of Pride events through the years, but we recognise that there is so much more to LGBTQIA+ communities than Pride. We remain open to receiving footage which is everyday as well as exceptional! You can view a selection of the footage we received through our open call here.

Footage doesn’t have to be professionally shot or edited, much of the current SASE collection is from amateur filmmakers. What we are most interested in is making sure that our collection is representative of the community we serve across the South East.

What does it mean to submit something with SASE?

The idea of adding your footage to an archive can be intimidating, especially given the historic failings of public institutions to appropriately recognise and care for footage from or about queer communities. Therefore we want to make sure that all our potential donors/depositors have all the information they need to make a decision they are comfortable with. There are two ways we can preserve your footage:

Deposit: As a deposit, the films are placed with the archive for long-term preservation, however the owner/depositor retains the ownership of the master material and any copyright ownership they may have. The depositor licenses the use of the material to SASE, adding any terms of use to the films they wish.

Donation: The donor gives the material to the archive for long-term preservation and signs over any copyright ownership they may have in the material to the archive.

Want to know more? Or have further questions? No problem! The SASE team are more than happy to chat further about what submitting to the project means. Their contact information is here.

I have footage I would like to submit!

That’s amazing! If, after reading the above, you would like to deposit or donate footage you can send digital files to us via WeTransfer at Further instructions about how to use the service can be found on the WeTransfer webpage. 

If you have footage in an analogue format, please contact who can discuss collecting the material from you.