Depositor Spotlight: Tommy Poppers

As well as the amazing work of the Folkestone and Margate community curation teams, a key part of ‘Our Screen Heritage’ is finding, collecting and preserving footage. The hope is to create a body of footage which can speak to the variety and depth of different experiences across different LGBTQIA+ communities.

Footage so far has ranged from dance pieces, to performance art, to social club outings.

Today we are spotlighting the work of Tristan Verran AKA Tommy Poppers, who deposited the below video with SASE. This performance of ‘Grinded’, performed by the amazing Tommy Poppers was filmed at the Tom Thumb Theatre, in Margate, and presented as part of a multimedia performance piece called ‘Swansong’, for Margate Pride, August 2019.

As part of ‘Our Screen Heritage’ ‘Grinded’ has been deposited with us for long term preservation.

‘Grinded’, the song is written and performed by Tommy Poppers, from the album ‘Tommy Poppers’ (2018).

Have you filmed any recent or past queer events or performances? Our Community Curators would love to see them!

Videos can be shot on a phone or professionally and be from any time. You can choose, like Tommy Poppers, to deposit your footage with SASE for long-term preservation, or alternatively you can choose to just give your videos to our Curators to use in their upcoming shows. The choice is yours! To find out more either send us a DM or visit

The full video can also be found here:

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