We’re searching for LGBTQIA+ community footage

New public call for LGBTQIA+ films in the South East

As part of the ‘Our Screen Heritage’ project SASE are launching a public call for LGBTQIA+ films in the South East.

What has shaped this call is the awareness that LGBTQIA+ screen heritage has not been systematically collected by public institutions because of the long history of LGBTQIA+ repression.

Our call addresses this uncomfortable history by making a public call for films that capture different aspects of LGBTQIA+ life in Kent and the South East as made by LGBTQIA+ film-makers and may include subjects such as Pride events, rallies and marches, celebrations as well as everyday scenes. 

SASE will take on the responsibility to preserve these new films and make them available for free community use both now and in the future. Preservation is essential as all screen heritage is at high risk of being lost forever given the near obsolescence of film and videotape and the easy disposability and fragility of video files.

We hope to build a film collection which tells the many stories of our LGBTQIA+ communities by representing both the extraordinary and the ordinary and creating a record of queer lives and histories in the region.

We welcome films made in any format (film, videotape, digital file) and made at any time. 

We also recognise that this footage, due to its links to the LGBTQIA+ community, needs to be treated with time and respect, as this may be the first time it is being viewed by someone other than the original maker. If you think you may have footage we could preserve, but are unsure about the process and what that entails our team are more than happy to speak with you about the accession process and your various options within this.

You can contact SASE to discuss the project more, or donate/deposit a film in the following ways:

Email: screenarchive@brighton.ac.uk
Tel: 01273 64321


Screen Archive South East 

University of Brighton 

Room G02C, 154-155 Edward Street 

Brighton BN2 0JG

This project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, runs throughout 2022 and we thank the National Lottery players for making it possible.

#HeritageFund #ThanksToYou

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